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Your save-the-date website is the modern way of announcing your wedding in good time. It contains the most important information about your wedding and allows your guests to leave their current contact details. This way, you are optimally prepared for when it comes to sending out those invitations.

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1. Sign up

Sign up with your name, choose a domain and enter the date of your wedding.

2. Enter information about your wedding

Enter the date of your wedding and leave a personal invitation message for your guests.

3. Send your save-the-dates

Send your guests the link to your save-the-date website, e.g. via email, WhatsApp or Facebook.


Your WeddyBird website is optimized for mobile, tablet and PC.

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Your website can be protected with a password.

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WeddyBird is extremely easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere.

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What our couples say

Julia & Pierce

Since our guests came from two countries (Pierce is Irish), WeddyBird provided us with communication in two languages. We simply created a bilingual website, which meant it was easy to share information with our friends and family.

Alica & Thorben

The WeddyBird wedding website was a great help for us in planning the wedding. It allowed us to add or update information several times that was not yet clear when we sent out our invitations. Many of our guests came from far away and we were always able to help everyone at the same time with hotel recommendations. A fantastic portal for organizing and planning the wedding! The website was also very well received by our guests.

Alexandra & Johannes

We were amazed by the photo gallery. At the beginning our photographer wanted to provide us with an online gallery. However, the beautiful display and fast loading time of the WeddyBird photo gallery convinced us. What's more, we were able to split our photos into several albums with ease.