We try to answer all your questions here. If you have any further questions about WeddyBird, you can always contact us at info@weddybird.com. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Your wedding website is not limited in time and will remain as long as you like. If you have booked a package with additional features, this package will be deactivated once the term has expired, which means that all the extra features will disappear. You are welcome to renew the packages as needed. If you no longer need the website, you can delete it at any time.

Right from the outset WeddyBird offers a lot of options to help you design the content of your wedding website. Small optional upgrades give you more freedom to add colors, fonts and additional elements to your website. You can find further information here.

We always have an open ear to your suggestions for improvement! We really take your feedback to heart and try to implement your wishes as far as possible. So please don't hesitate to share your ideas with us. We will see what we can do for you.

You can use WeddyBird to create and design a free wedding website. We want to give all couples the possibility of creating a wedding website. Nevertheless, we do charge for some of our features, such as those that cost us something as well. There are definitely no hidden costs! You can find further information here.

Yes, this is possible. Starting with the Premium package you can add several languages to your website and translate all information.

At the moment you can choose from over 20 languages for your wedding website, including English, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. A list of all the available languages can be found in the website settings after you've registered. If a language is missing, we would be happy for you to contact us and we will try to provide it as well. You can change most texts yourself once you upgrade to the Premium package. The translations are only important for static texts (e.g. "days/hours/minutes" in the countdown).

Changes to content are immediately visible to all website visitors. We don't currently have a feature that enables you to publish changes at a later date.

Of course! Entering the wedding date is optional and you can add or change the date at any time.

Yes, that's not a problem and is one of the big benefits of using a wedding website. You can always update and add information, even after the wedding invitations have been sent out.

Yes! If you want your own domain for your wedding website, e.g. juliaundmax.com, you can order it once you've signed up.

Yes, if you would like to have your own domain for your website and you have opted for the Domain package, you can set up to three email addresses for forwarding. Incoming emails will be forwarded to the custom email addresses, which means you can set up one email address for yourself and one for your best man or service provider.

In the free version of WeddyBird, you can upload a limited number of photos to the gallery. This is because the memory and data traffic is not free for us either. If you book the Premium or Domain package, you will be able to upload an unlimited number of photos.

WeddyBird creates several size variations of each photo during the upload. The version with the best size is selected in accordance with the visitor's screen. This is done to ensure the fastest possible loading times as well as optimal image quality. When the photos are downloaded, the largest size variant generated by us is delivered. The original files of the upload are discarded by WeddyBird after the size variants have been created. The largest image variant currently has a 4k resolution with a maximum width of 3840px.

Yes, it is possible and both you and your guests can download the uploaded photos. However, you can also deactivate the download for your guests if you do not want this.

We store your data on servers in the EU, which are subject to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We offer the following payment methods to pay for the Premium or Domain package:

  • PayPal: Your payment will be activated directly once you've made the payment on PayPal.
  • Bank transfer: Your package will be activated once we have received full payment.

There are no trial periods for our paid packages. However, you have the possibility to cancel your booking within 14 days without having to state your reason. You can find further information about this here.

Booked packages are valid for 1-3 calendar years from receipt of payment and are not automatically renewed. If you book it for 1 year, you can use it for a full 365 days.

No, the booked package expires automatically at the end of the term. A booked domain will be deleted at this time. To make sure you don't forget to renew, we will send you an email reminder before the package expires.

No, at the moment we only offers terms of 1, 2 or 3 years.

No, we don't currently have an app. However, we don't view this as a bad thing because it means your guests don't have to install an extra app and your wedding website is accessible from any device with internet access. Our wedding websites are especially optimized for display on smartphones and are therefore easy to access on your wedding day.

You can easily delete your website at any time. To do this, go to the menu item "Account data" and follow the instructions for the form "Delete website". If you need further support, we are always available via email to help you.