WeddyBird wedding website

A wedding website is the perfect supplement to your wedding invitation and a place to enjoy long-lasting memories. It offers sufficient space for all information about your wedding and perfectly prepares your guests for your big day.

Modern wedding invitation

Your wedding website simplifies planning, lowers blood pressure and saves money. You can maintain contact addresses, manage confirmations and declinations and provide your guests with a contact point where all questions are answered. Everyone is up to date and you don't have to explain everything several times.

  • All information about your wedding - compact and clear
  • Information about locations, accommodation, your wishlist and more
  • Can be adapted 24/7
  • Save time as guests can RSVP online
  • The website builder is foolproof

Online RSVP

The online RSVP function helps you keep an overview. Confirmations, the total number of guests, special meal requirements and playlist requests - you have everything at a glance.

  • All RVSPs in one place

  • Customizable RVSP­ form

  • Recording RVSPs

  • Excel download of all data

High degree of customizability

Make your wedding website a place where everyone can immediately see whose celebration it is. Upload photos of yourselves and frame them with customized colors and a wide range of fonts. It goes without saying that you can choose your own text design. After all, everything revolves around you!

  • Use your own photos

  • Choose from many fonts

  • Select a color of your choice

  • Whatever texts you want

Possible information on your wedding website

  • Contact details

    Enter your current contact details here so that guests can contact you if they have any questions.

  • Simple gift list

    Provide a gift list so that your guests can buy your dream gifts.

  • Quote/Motto

    A lovely quote makes your website extra special.

  • Bride and groom

    A few words about yourselves will make add that personal touch to your wedding website.

  • Organizers

    Who is helping with the organization? Who is on the bridal party? Who can guests contact if they have questions on the day?

  • Locations

    Give the guests an overview of the exact locations. How do you get to the church? Where is the reception being held?

  • Greeting

    You can add an invitation text for your guests at the top of your wedding website.

  • Accommodation

    Hotel recommendations make it easier for your guests to prepare for the wedding.

  • Countdown

    The countdown always lets you know how long is left before your big day.

  • Schedule

    Providing the schedule will give your guests an overview of what will happen on your big day.

  • Wedding ABCs

    There is enough space for detailed information about your wedding in the wedding ABCs.

  • RSVP

    Online responses mean you avoid the cumbersome task of organizing responses.

  • Custom Text

    Information that doesn't really fit into any of the other sections.


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Examples of our couples

The most beautiful wedding websites, directly taken from our couples.

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What our couples say

Julia & Pierce

Since our guests came from two countries (Pierce is Irish), WeddyBird provided us with communication in two languages. We simply created a bilingual website, which meant it was easy to share information with our friends and family.

Alica & Thorben

The WeddyBird wedding website was a great help for us in planning the wedding. It allowed us to add or update information several times that was not yet clear when we sent out our invitations. Many of our guests came from far away and we were always able to help everyone at the same time with hotel recommendations. A fantastic portal for organizing and planning the wedding! The website was also very well received by our guests.

Alexandra & Johannes

We were amazed by the photo gallery. At the beginning our photographer wanted to provide us with an online gallery. However, the beautiful display and fast loading time of the WeddyBird photo gallery convinced us. What's more, we were able to split our photos into several albums with ease.